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Snaps of Writing Styles I Would Love Incorporating in My Own

Writing Styles are specific to individuals much like the individual ways of speaking. You and me have our own unique ways to express same thing. However, few combination of words or phrasal orders do sound so lovely and express so effectively an idea that you can’t stop yourself imitating that. Accordingly, in my learning journey, I went on picking snaps of some styles from various sources which I came through.

1. To Get there

Of course, it takes a lot of work and brain power to get there, but it’s possible, and that’s just crazy. The weirdest thing is that you don’t have to even reinvent the wheel to get there. It’s not like you have to develop a new smartphone to compete with Apple, or even think of a new app idea like Fortnite.

2. Drawn to It

The problem with automation is that many people are drawn to it because it makes things easier or more efficient. There are many ways to do things easier in life, but the end result isn’t always better.

3. Cheating the System / Gaming the System

This is called gaming the system and Instagram can easily determine which accounts are doing this and give them very little exposure.

This is why you see people with 100,000 followers that get 300-400 likes. It is because they are cheating the system, and they ultimately have little to no clout.

4. Touted by + IMO

Concepts like automating social media posts are touted by typical online gurus as a way to make easy money, but the WA strategy of creating value, and building your business within the guidelines of services like Google or Instagram is really the right path to success IMO.

5. Catch Up

Though I’ve achieved “success” in affiliate marketing, there’s always something more to do. It’s frustrating at times because it can feel like you never “catch up“. There’s always a next level, and never a time to relax.


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