Instagram Posts that Inspire Me to Tweak my Ways of Expressing More Effectively

Of late I have become Crazy of reading Instagram Posts of native speakers of English. If emulated you can too upgrade your writing pretty easily. Here are few below:

1. Sage Miller’s Post On Instagram

Running around town, and still buzzing from getting our crew together in Santa Monica last night! It makes me so happy seeing so many new people join our growing community and choosing to commit to themselves on a higher level.⁣

I get SO excited for people when they join us and make a commitment to their health because while they may only see themselves where they are now, I see where they are going. I see them in their fullest expression of confidence, energy, and vibrancy, and I know I get to watch that journey unfold.

The fact that I get to be a cheerleader for people ready for more, support them through a program that I know changes lives, and watch them crush their goals (be it physical or financial), truly is such a gift. Thank you for trusting me with your health, it’s so precious to me ??

If you want to come join us at any of our upcoming healthy happy hours and meet the community, message me and I’ll let you know what we have coming up next!

2. Another post by Sage

Many things in life are a conscious choice. The difference between people who have more of what we all want and those who don’t, is that those who attain success are willing to go through more uncomfortable moments, learning experiences, and humbling situations to get to the other side. Push yourself, and create your magic

3. Third Post by Sage

Immersed in a weekend of personal growth and development, we got to spend an evening together looking out over the lake, listening to live music, eating delicious food, and talking about all things business, life, vision, and dreams.

I am grateful to have women in my life who have a massive desire to impact the people around them, who see things differently, who are building their lives exactly how they want to live, and who choose to serve others every single day.

Thank you for pushing me to step out of my comfort zone, and into something so much more bigger and better. I can’t wait to see where this adventure will take us, and I am so excited to be surrounded by the best of the best along the way.

4. Instagram Posts by Kyle the Co Founder of Wealthy Affiliate

Dinner out, happens too often and not enough all at the same time. Love to eat out with the fam, we have a plethora of great restaurants to choose from in Victoria. This is taken at one of our favourite restaurants @moxies_victoria. I had to poke Scotland to get this laugh, she was trying to mean mug in the photo. [fam- family]

# Happy Mother’s Day, to all the awesome mothers out there… I certainly know of an amazing one @jannakirsten!

# Cruisin’ with my backpack. ? People ask why I am wearing a backpack in many of my pictures/stories. The reason isn’t because I am still in grade school or going to university, this is means to livelihood. It is my reality that my business/work comes with me wherever I go….even on vacation. I like to fill all the gaps of the day, doing something somewhat productive (not always the case though). ?

#I was trying to pose for an #instagram photo, my wife made fun of me for doing it, then I laughed. That is what is captured in this picture. My posing career lasted a total of one photo. Total flop.

#You can probably recognize the “cliche” backdrop here in Vegas, one of our favourite places to travel and a place that we have been more times than we can count over the years. Although we do business in Vegas annually, it is fun to travel there on a “non work” related trip. This pic was taken from our last trip to Vegas and we are going to have to do a redo when we head there in a few months.

5. Yet Other Instagram Posts by Kyle

Under appreciated talent. The mariachi bands in Nuevo Vallarta were incredible, and likely highly underpaid for their performances. I took this pic on our Mexican Festival night, after a few shots of tequila (of course). If I could eat dinner to a mariachi band every night, I definitely would!

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