How to Learn anything Fast, Effectively and Master the Game

Learning anything faster using smart techniques and master the skill as soon as possible has real tangible advantages in 21st century. We all are living the era that offers us the gadgets and tools that constantly buy our attention. We are less focused and more distracted.  Smartphones to my understanding is keeping most of us under impression that we are getting smarter but the fact remains other way round.

Today, the man is bombarded with information and get caught in the INTELLECTUAL ENTERTAINMENT instead actually getting into state of learning. The common folk today is under impression that it is getting smarter, in reality though, it’s smartness and alertness being taken away as the community is getting enslaved to devices. The majority rarely does CREATE anything by applying mind’s power of creativity. Consequently, potential of the mind goes untapped for long and finally we get forgetful, a mental state, precisely being termed as ‘DIGITAL DEMENTIA’. In this age we are so dependent of smart gadgets that most of us turn to the smartphone for a simple sum.

Learning anything effectively and mastering is dependent of our state of mind, the state of our being present, the mindfulness and alertness of mind. To learn any discipline in today’s world will require detaching ourselves from bombardment of Information and of course judicious and conscious use of smartphones. Be it anything: a language, computer science or playing piano you ll need focus, concentration and a disciplined use of your smart gadgets. If you are not using your devices  mindfully to your advantage, it will start abusing potential of your brain.  Thoughts on this post are inspired by my study of many resources here and there. Below are few resources which have inspired me the most to come up with instant post.

1. How to learn anything fast- Nishant Kasibhatla : Link here!

Crux of the lessons is:

(i) Conventional Schooling teaches you “What To learn”. There is no emphasis over “HOW to LEARN”. As everything on the planet can be learnt, you can also learn and master” How to learn”

(ii) Invest 2X amount of time in output/implementations, given X is the amount of time invested by you in learning something.

(iii) LEARN => REFLECT => IMPLEMENT => SHARE is the correct order to learn anything effectively and mastering that.

(iii) Unless you are able to Summarize, Share or TEACH anything learnt, You have not mastered the the stuff.

2. Unleash Your Super Brain to Learn Fast- Jim Qwik: Link Here!

(i) All learning are state dependent. To learn anything and retain the same for long you have to bring your brain in alpha state.

(ii) Information + Emotion = Long Term Memory

(iii) Emotion here is meant by the best state of mind.

(iv) Alpha & Theta are considered best states of mind. Alpha is most receptive state (absorbing fast during you favorite show in a TV) and Theta is most Creative state (Taking shower for example) of mind

(v) Formula to Learn Faster: B.E   F.A.S.T.

B- Belief    (all behavior is belief driven)

E- Exercise (As your body moves, your brain grooves)

F- Forget (Drop your pre-conceived notions )

A- Active ( Learning is not Spectators sport, Be active. The human brain and the mind doesn’t learn by consuming information, it learns through creating and co-creating)

S- State (All learning is state dependent. I never wanna learn in a bored state, right? )

T- Teach ( Learn with the intention of teaching somebody else and find an opportunity to actually do that )

(vi) Children are fast learners: Secret: they play their heart out. Playing increases Neurogenesis and Neuroplasticity. If you too like increasing Neurogenesis and Neuroplasticity you too can raise your receptive power of learning. Remember, playing only means – Physical activity and not just paying anything.

(vii) Bringing your state of mind into most receptive state can be triggered by feelings of gratitude, generosity, kindness, calmness, joy, happiness. Allow activities in your routine to create these emotions for BETTER Learning.

3. How to learn Anything Fast – Josh Kaufman: Link here!

Crux of the lesson is this:

(i) Pre commitment to push past the frustrations for first 20 hours. Basically this is first 20 hours time you commit yourself to spend without caring about the possible results.

For Example: Just in case of learning a foreign language: Devoting an hour 2 times daily in “learning to speak/rehearsing to speak”  Purely focused, undivided attention could be an example of pre-commitment. You are supposed not to make any assessment of your gains before 10 days as the pre-commitment essentially means you will save keep yourself from frustration arising out of any assessment & analysis-paralysis syndrome.

(ii) The basic skill learnt would form the foundation for your advance skills. Any layering would be done over this foundation as you would commit for next 20 hours.

(iii) In fact you don’t need 10,000 hours to master a skill/art as claimed by famous 10000 hours theory.

(iv) Skimming the common things from diff resources gives you an idea what does the Basic Skill looks like. These common things are most important skill sets to be learnt first. Mastering is the art of layering of skill one over another.

4. How to Use first 20 Hours of Your Learning Anything New: Josh Kaufman: Link Here!

Crux of the Lessons Learnt:

(I) Deconstruct the skill. Decide what you want to be able to do when you are done. And then look into the skill and break it down into smaller pieces.

(II) Learn enough to self correct.. instead procrastinating on practice because of multitude of resources still to be gone through… just start practice and self correct/self edit.

Make learning as a way of getting better at noticing mistake when you make a mistake and then doing something a little different

(III) Remove Barriers/distractions to Practice.. phones TV etc so that you actually sit for practice

(IV) Pre-Commit to Practice for at least 20 hours. Get over the emotional barrier of letting yourself feel foolish or Frustrated.

(Of course, you got to get things available in place first so that your resource are at EASY access.)

The major barrier to skill acquisition isn’t INTELLECTUAL, it’s EMOTIONAL! In the beginning of learning anything new you feel really stupid and hence we say it emotional barrier. But put 20 hours into anything Come what May.

5. A Conducive Mental State for Faster Learning is in Your Hand

(i) Include physical exercise and sports that requires your complete physical involvement

(ii) Asanas, Breathing Exercises, Meditation post physical exercise.

(iii) Use PMA (Positive Mental Attitude ) Video, Podcasts, Books

(iv) LOVE your brain (better explained here by Jim Qwik )

6. Resources That helped Me Raising Bar (for Myself):

Use power of Gratitude to become Best Version of Yourself – Muniba Mazri

How to Escape Poverty, Only Curve is the Difference  – Douglas Krugar

Growing Wealthier- 20 ways to raise your Value– Douglas Krugar

Thinking Rich OR poor– Train Your Brain for Wealth – Douglas Krugar

Learn to Concentrate with DANDAPANI – Hindu priest (professes Shaivism/Shaivite) & Jim Qwik

Find Your Purpose (at Horward University)– by Mark Zuckerberg


1. The post is under update

2. All other stuff I have referred sometime or other are here !


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