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WhatsApp Communications with Chief Commissioner Tandon Sir

Once misunderstood, I later went on becoming blue eyed boy for Chief Commr Tandon Sir. I had enjoyed quite a good time working with him for Enclave Project after Das sir was transferred and no body except Chief sir was conversant with the developments going on, especially post DCPR-2034 having been notified on 23.09.2018.

1.  In the backdrop of meeting with FS for revised plan 2.07FSI

When CC was Planning to go Delhi for 29.10.18 meeting with Finance Secretary for REVISED PLAN 2.07FSI. I along with my officer Gaurav had to work late evening of 26.10.2018 to prepare contents for meeting with FS. Feasibility Report on revised propositions of FSI 2.07 was to  come from NBCC at short notice to them. The team got the said report by 8:30PM going through the report and subsequent gist making took us almost 9:30PM. We had although done the job meticulously with 2 folders in hand but same could be arranged to be delivered next day morning (Saturday). The chief went though the folder compiled on the basis of feasibility report and inquired if the feasibility report was emailed to DGHRD also. (In fact, official invitee to the meeting with FS were NBCC and DGHRD so, the DG was supposed to see the report first)

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